Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Percy Tours, Hermanus gets a huge upgrade to their website - www.percytours.com

After much hard work over the last 2 months, Percy Tours in Hermanus, South Africa is extremely proud to announce that our website has had a massive upgrade and is now live for you to check out - so please have a look at - www.percytours.com - for loads of amazing things to see and do around Hermanus and Cape Town, South Africa.

Percy Tours specialise in organising completely tailor-made and individualised holidays, tours, transfers, activities and accommodation of Hermanus, Cape Town and Western Cape regions, with a fleet of luxury minibuses (and cars) with Chauffeur Tour Guides on board.

Great White Shark cage diving in Hermanus is incredible - for loads of info, please check out our dedicated web page at -  

Whale watching boat trips in Hermanus have just started for the new season – check out - www.percytours.com/whale-watching-boat-trips-in-hermanus.html

Our All Activities page has a myriad of activities listed for you to explore.

See you soon in amazing Cape Town and Hermanus – PS. the Whale watching season has just started too, so from early June to early December each year you can view literally 100’s of whales in Hermanus

Many thanks – Percy – www.percytours.com

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hermanus is rammed full with incredibly amazing activities

100's of incredible activities, action and adventures with Percy Tours in Hermanus, South Africa
Want a holiday with HUGE amounts of fun, action and more fun…..then you need to be speaking to Percy Tours :-))))






Friday, November 16, 2012

Percy Tours featured in new 2013 John Platter Wine book of South Africa

Percy Tours listing in new John Platter wine book of South Africa
Percy Tours is extremely happy to be listed in the new 2013 John Platter Wine Book of South Africa (for the 2nd year running) as the ONLY Wine Tour Guides based in Hermanus that John Platter recommends :-))))) - check out our websites for loads of info -




See you on a Percy Tours wine tour of Hermanus, Cape Town and the wine regions of South Africa soon :-))

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Luxury NEW minibus joins Percy Tours, Hermanus

Utter luxury just got even more luxurious at Percy Tours, Hermanus

Yes, luxury just became even more luxurious, as Percy Tours is extremely proud to announce that we have just obtained a brand new high-end ultra-luxury H1 minibus to add to our already luxurious fleet.

Percy Tours luxury minibuses
Percy Tours luxury fleet of minibuses
Fitted with all-mod cons, this state of the art minibus is another excellent addition to our Tourism products.

Fantastic features include –

Leather seats and head-rests for utmost comfort; with all seats being able to recline fully into “sleeping position” and move-able middle row of seats that allow passengers to fully relax, offering an enormously huge amount of leg room.
leather seats in luxury minibus
Leather (reclining) seats all around
Entertainment suite - a DVD player with a whopping big 12 inch wide-screen – that’s bigger than any i-pad or tablet screen and larger than most laptop screens :-))) – plus it also has over 50 computer games for the kids too, with 2 hand-held controllers – plus inputs for – SD camera cards to view all your holiday photos; AV jacks to plug in your video camera and watch your holiday videos and a remote control unit – and not only that, we have 4 sets of infra-red head-phones too; so the kids can watch The Simpson’s, while mum and dad watch the incredible scenery of the Western Cape in utter silence, without having to listen to the DVD sound - or - the DVD sound can go thro the stereo sound system speakers. 

12 inch DVD and games console
12" wide-screen DVD player and games console
The Surround sound stereo system has an i-pod cable and socket, plus USB and AUX cable socket, so that you can plug in your i-pod (or any device) and listen to your music collection too; while offering all the usual facilities of CD and Radio system.

And there’s more…..sliding doors on both sides; enormous boot you could fit an elephant into :-))) magazine and drinks holders all around; steering wheel audio controller; 2 x Air-Con units – for front and back climate control with many vents; tow bar for trailer; over-head individual lighting; 2 glove compartments; electric front windows and easy-to-use sliding windows on each sliding door.

Additional safety features include – front Air-Bags; ABS brakes; Traction control; all round Anti-smash and grab tinted windows; anti-hijack central locking which automatically locks all doors after we reach 20kph; anti-kid tampering switches to stop accidental opening of doors while in transit; massive front and back fog lights; all seats have 3 point seat-belts.

So now Percy Tours has TWO ultra-luxury minibuses, each fitted with DVD and games system and a multitude of high-quality extras for everyone to totally enjoy their holidays in South Africa.

Percy Tours luxury minibuses, Hermanus
Percy Tours fleet of luxury minibuses, Hermanus
Happy holidaying and see you soon in Hermanus, Cape Town and the Western Cape!

PS. also please check out our various websites that have loads of info and prices for all sorts of activities, tours and adventures in and around Cape Town and Hermanus – 

Ronel and Percy


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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Hermanus Association of Transport and Tourism (HATT) - Hermanus Association of Transport and Tourism (HATT)

Hermanus Association of Transport and Tourism (HATT) has been set up to legalise, assist, facilitate, regulate, manage, market and promote all the legal Tour Operators, Tour Guides and Tourism transfer transport companies that operate in and around the Hermanus and Overstrand region.

Tour Guides, Tourism Transfer transport companies and Tour Operators are the ones that spend the most time inter-acting with Tourists on a constant day-by-day basis and are the frontline ambassadors that promote our incredible region to tourists. They are a direct reflection of our country and therefore it is HATTs mission to make 100% sure that all of its members provide outstanding, fun, educational, jovial and amazing tourism services all of the time, so that Tourists return again and again.........

With so many incredible Activities and Attractions that the Hermanus region has to offer Tourists, it is vitally important that ALL those that provide Tours and Tourism Transport services not only give incredible excursions and impeccable service, but are also totally legal, trained, insured and conform to all the South African tourism and road transportation laws.

So for loads of info and interesting Tours, Activities and Excursions in and around Hermanus, check out their website at


Hermanus Association of Transport and Tourism (HATT)
Providing incredible tourism experiences to all the tourists that visit our wonderful region

Friday, June 01, 2012

Leopards in Hermanus and beyond (part 2)

Leopards of Hermanus (and beyond…) (Article 2)

In the good old bad old days, mankind had very little regard for the natural wonders that the planet had and would wantonly plunder its resources without a moments thought as to what damage we were causing. Thankfully in these much more enlightened times, humans have realised that we have to actively save and conserve these dwindling splendours or they will be lost forever.

From the 1960’s many successful campaigners have pushed the boundaries, by highly informing humanity of the plight of many species, which has in turn made us all think a lot harder about helping to save the planet from our own destructive powers, by turning bad into good – from Sir David Attenborough and his amazing BBC nature documentaries; Jane Goodall (Chimpanzees); Dian Fossey (Gorillas); Jacques-Yves Cousteau (Oceans); WWF (Pandas, Dolphins and Whales); Greenpeace (stopping pollution, nuclear and actively pursuing Whaling fleets in their ships); many helping to save the Rhinos and Elephants; TV channels like BBC, Discovery, Animal Planet and National Geographic and now-a-days 1000’s of international conservation NGO’s, charities, UN organisations and local heroes.

Following on from our last article; Hermanus and the Overberg region has it’s own resident Leopards, which are being studied more and more closely by the Cape Leopard Trust (called the Boland Leopard Project). What their research has shown is that each male Leopard has a huge individual territory, which never over-lap with another male; while female Leopards occupy much smaller ranges that over-lap the boundaries of 1, 2 or 3 males ranges, therefore meaning that in reality there are fewer Leopards roaming freely than was first thought. Before this research information was known, farmers used to think that there were many more Leopards occupying tiny ranges.

Due to human expansion into the once remote and isolated regions, there have been many Human-Wildlife conflicts – especially between Farmers of cattle, sheep, goats and poultry and the carnivore cat species of Lions, Cheetah, Leopard, Hyena and the smaller Jackal and Caracal

The Cape Leopard Trust (and a number of other conservation organisations) are doing their utmost to stop these Farmer verses Cat conflicts, with many recent success stories.

Thanks to the large amount of research conduct by the Cape Leopard Trust, via GPS collars and camera traps, they are now able to accurately know how many Leopards there are and where they venture to. This important data obviously shows when and if Leopards are going onto Farming land where there are livestock.

One highly reassuring piece of data regarding the Cederberg Leopards is that 80% of their diet is made up from just 2 of the 30 wild prey species – Klipspringers and Dassies

These cats were once shoot, poisoned or gin-trapped by farmers, but thanks to the Cape Leopard Trust’s hard work over the last decade, they have actively engaged farmers with much important information, dispelling the myths with hard facts and implementing many novel and simple ways to co-exist.

These include – Leopard proof kraals. For small kraals, then the simple and effective way is to place chicken wire over the kraal; for larger kraals, then fencing that is over 2.5metres high and has an outward facing lip, is more than adequate to stop a Leopard from entering. Electrifying the fences also helps.

Throat protectors / collars for each sheep or goat are plastic, cheap, easy to fit and highly effective.

Anatolian shepherd dogs are also an excellent way to protect flocks. These amazing dogs are actively breed by conservation organisations and given away free to farmers. However for the maximum protection of any flock it is best to have a human Shepherd who stays with the animals, protecting them during the day, while the Anatolian shepherd dog protects them at night. This combination has an excellent success rate.

To supplement many farmers incomes they have started to diversify their revenue streams, with Tourism being the major player, as farmers have realised correctly that city dwellers love to escape the concrete jungle and to explore the open spaces of the countryside. The more eco-friendly the better, so conservation of wildlife has also taken centre stage, which has allowed many farmers to actively embrace the ideas put forward by the Cape Leopard Trust and others, by safe-guarding the Leopard and the many wild creatures that share our region.

Long may positive and inventive ideas continue to allow co-existence of humans and wildlife.

For more info on the Boland Leopard Project, please go to - http://capeleopard.org.za/research/leopard/boland

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Leopards in the Hermanus mountains

Leopards in the Hermanus mountains (and beyond)

On a recent tour to the Cederberg, I was honoured to have met the owners, organisers and field researchers of the Cape Leopard Trust and was awe-struck at how much they are doing for conservation.

The Cape Leopard Trust aims to facilitate conservation of the Cape's predator diversity through implementing conservation strategies, research projects and tourism initiatives, while also educating and encouraging the youth to have a vested interest in the environment, plus doing major work to find solutions to human-wildlife conflicts, with especially farming and habitat loss.

4 major locations are constantly being researched and studied – Cederberg, Swartberg, Namaqualand and the Boland mountains from Hermanus up past Worcester.

In the past, 8 leopard were killed per year in these areas, but thankfully since the Cape Leopard Trust started it’s amazing work, there have been no leopards killed since 2007, which all comes down to the great work of constantly informing the local communities and the importance of public awareness about the plight of these magnificent creatures.

The adult Fynbos Cape Leopard is much smaller (20 to 30kgs) than the Karoo Leopard (up to 50kgs) and Savannah Leopard (which can reach 50 to 80kgs) – which all comes down to their prey species – 78% of a Fynbos Leopard’s diet is Rock Hyrax and Klipspringer.

The Boland project is only 2 years old, covering over 3000 km sq and is split into 3 areas, with the southern most one equipped with 82 camera traps at 50 spots and has so far successfully counted 18 adults, 2 cubs and identified 25 different prey species.

Camera traps are a very important research tool as they take photos of every animal that walks past them and so the entire bio-diversity can be analysed and population figures can be calculated. GPS collars are also very useful at accurately measuring the movements of 1 individual creature and vastly help in working out the exact “home- range” of each Leopard, with males having much large ranges (350 to 1000km sq) which overlap with afew females ranges.

Hermanus has certainly had its fair share of recent sightings and encounters with our local Leopards. In June 2011 a young male Leopard was caught in a hi-tech trap and fitted with a GPS device so as to monitor its movements in the mountains near Tesselaarsdal in the Hemel-en-Aarde valley.  Grootbos (near De Kelders) camera-trapped a Leopard in October 2011 only 4 days after they had set up the camera; while next door the Flower Valley camera-trapped 2 Leopards (a male and a female) in Jan 2012. Further inland, the Platbos Forest and Farm 215 have also reported that Leopard tracks and spoors have been spotted.

It is highly encouraging and an absolute delight to know that these wildlife conservation organisations are doing such incredible research work to conserve our amazing natural wonders.

Credit and thanks must go to the Cape Leopard Trust, Quinton and Liz – www.capeleopard.org.za

There are many African animal encounters close to Hermanus for you to enjoy – from stroking Cheetahs, African Birds of Prey, Whales, Sharks, Seals, Penguins and an excellent Safari park 2½ hours away, for loads of ideas check out - www.hermanusactivities.net

Authored by Percy Tours – www.percytours.com / travel@percytours.com / 072 062 8500

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